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V for Venom

V for Venom

Artist: Amazumi
Label: Mellow Minds
Release Date: 26-5-2017
Genre: Hip Hop
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AMAZUMI is a Nepalese artist raised in Hong Kong who began actively pursuing music in London, 2010 whilst making a documentary about an artist based in Belgium. She began honing her skills in local cyphers, open mics and self-organised events, and found herself taking her music further in Gent with a nurturing artistic community that provided her the perfect nest to grow and create a sound of her own.

Previously known as Zulu Moon, she has been regularly performing in venues and festivals all over Belgium since 2012, making radio appearances and scoring a national buzz in 2017 as one of the 7 finalists of De Nieuwe Lichting. Making her debut as AMAZUMI on the Ancienne Belgique main stage after releasing her new single V for Venom (which is also a self-titled track of her debut EP), her music video circulated daily on XITE channel, premiered on, and De Standaard. Her single has been featured in several Belgian HipHop Spotify playlists and is still played on Studio Brussel today.

Infusing the grungy & nu-metal sounds of Nirvana & RATM she grew up with and sharpening her lyrical blades with OG influences of Jean Grae, Zack De La Rocha as well as newer artists like Show me the Body, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Boog Brown & Loyle Carner – her flow is ballsy without the pretentious arrogance and vanilla smooth on lighter days. You can never tell what’s coming next.

Her nomadic life of country-hopping is reflected in the nomadic stance she takes in music – highly experimental and open to changes. She is a versatile, progressive artist with a constantly evolving horizon. While her previous EP went into a dark place of pent-up emotions, she is set to release dopamine gems in 2018.

She is currently residing in the UK and working on a series project ‘Amazumi in Exile’.

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