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A free abstract family!

A Ghent based management and promotions agency currently working with these beautiful projects;
Ndugu, Ninjato, Kunde, Big Whoop & Amazumi.

Mellow Minds came to life when we started working together with the amazing Ghent based band, ‘Big Whoop’ and felt that there was a whole family surrounding the band that didn’t belong to any scene yet. We decided to create our own scene, a free abstract family called Mellow Minds.

Our family kept on growing and currently we’re supporting a wide rainbow of artists from all kind, each with their own unique flavor.

Within Mellow Minds we provide custom services for every project we’re working on.

Our main goal is to provide a broad platform to artists from all around, family members but also individuals from other scenes. Besides musical artists we also promote souls with different expertises such as video makers, animators, performers, …

We love to meet new people and connect on higher levels, so don’t hesitate to contact us!